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The Process

Phase 1 - Grades:
Paint pool peremeter
Shoot grades, trim pool and check depths
Continual slope/grade
Bench marks, Drainage Calculations.

Phase 2 - Pool forming:
6” Pool perimeter set-back from existing excavation
Stakes, 2X4’s, Masonite, etc.
Rock excavation - additional

Phase 3 - Steel:
Tie steel grid on 10” O.C.
#4 Rebar (½”)
Raise Cage 3” off ground
Frame Skimmer
Frame Light
Frame Main Drain

Phase 4 - Plumbing:
2” Sch. 40 PVC Pipe and fittings
1 Skimmer, 2 Main Drains, 3 Return Lines
1 Fill Line, 1 Over-flow Line
1 Pool Cleaner Stub-out
Entire System under 30# Pressure Test (Air or Water)

Phase 5 - Electrical:
1-500 Watt Light Niche (American Standard)
#8 Copper Ground Wire

Phase 6 - Gunite:
8” Thick Floor; 8” Thick Walls
12” Perimeter Bond Beam
Adjust Main Drains, return lines, skimmer, light niche, Polaris Line, overflow and fill line (pressure still on pipes)

Phase 7 - Tile and Coping:
6” Frost-proof (set with water level)
Choice of grout color
Bull-nose rock
Cut white stone
Flagstone coping, 1/2” joints
Phase 8 - Pool Bench:
     15” raised rock wall
     16” flagstone Cap


Phase 9 - Form deck:
2X4 perimeter forming
Bring in base where needed (additional)
Install rebar and concrete wire reinforcement
Drainage if needed (additional)
Install auto fill line
Install auto overflow line

Phase 10 - Pour Concrete:
300 Sq Ft Concrete Deck, 4” thick
3/8” Rebar reinforcement
Light broom finish
Concrete Pump

Phase 11 - Strip forms and stakes:
Clean and Acid wash deck

Phase 12 - Filter system:
1500 Sand filter
1.5 HR pump
3/4 HR Polaris Pump
Dual time clock with freeze guard
3-way Jandy valves
Backwash line
Auto-fill line
Auto over-flow line

Phase 13 - Prep pool for plaster
Water plug main drain, skimmer, return lines, and Polaris line.

Phase 14 - Plaster pool – light grey color
Fill with water

Phase 15 - Start filter system
Once operational, turn the pool over to the owner
Instruct owner on brushing and pool cleaning procedures




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